Project Description

Facts & Figures
Facts & Figures2017-2019
Type of mission: Brand design, template design & development, Newspaper design & production, web & naming process.

BRYGGA2 – a visible part of Valdemarsvik.

The starting point was to fill three major properties in the central parts of Valdemarsvik – municipally owned and with ongoing maintenance & renovation work. The work was carried out in collaboration with the management of the company Centrumhuset in Valdemarsvik AB.

Brand platform, name, signage and general communication in the immediate area as step # 1. Customer magazine, about 24 pages published over 2 years. Web and project management at events.

Participation in management work with market support and strategies.

The result

Rental of teaching rooms / offices, school rooms and carpentry workshops at Carl Malmsten’s school – with national intake, establishment of Valdemarsvik’s first office hotel. Apoteket Kronan as a tenant with long-term contracts, new restaurant on site, etc.

Today, the properties are managed by the municipality itself, without “external” board / management. The trademark is not used.


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