About Anzelius.

Not so easy to describe this guy, experience tends to mix as time goes by.

Tommy is an experienced Art Director and Creative Director, and with more than thirty years working experience he helps customers both with analogue and digital channels. The projects is about visual identities/branding, print production, events to web production and interior design.

Proud producer to brands like: AXE, Dove, Knorr, Kinder, Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Göteborgskex, OLW, Hallbyggarna Jonsereds, Greencarrier, Norrköping Horse Show, SOS Alarm, Hasselblad among others.

Have executed several missions in other Nordic countries, developing market and brands in small companies. Tommy has in the last 10 years in both developed and liquidated several companies in fields such as sports equipment, clothing, beverages and consultancy.


His best – how to make a useful “look and feel” of your product or service – adapted to the Nordic market. Most of his work is B2B – mainly small and medium business. But all communication is “Business to Person” since much of it goes digital.


This is the production part – web design, folders and other prints for sure, this is the part where we make sure your product or service reaches the right mind!

03. SALES.

During the last couple of years Tommy have worked mainly in sales related projects. This, together with his long experience as KAM, could possibly be of use even for you. Try him!

About the family.

Wife, daughters, dogs and horses!

Both my wife and I have our roots in Smålad, but moved to Norrköping, where we raised our two daughters, who are now grown-up and having their own lives close by. Family gives me strength!

Photo: T Anzelius, from a family walk in Hyde Park.