Marketing and communication are at their best when all the channels play the same tune. Then there is a good chance to gain recognition.

I have my professional roots in the Swedish market for technical information – with projects for the defense industry (Bofors, FMV, Hägglunds), but also for the banking sector, Hasselblad and SOS-Alarm (not described here). I moved from the information sector to sales and marketing during the 90’s, but having some things clear in mind:

  • The benefit of making communication work (not only be good looking)
  • The importance of having all market channels “playing the same tune”
  • Content is King (or in some cases, your service is)
  • Your brand needs to be true to the company, inside and out (It’s not always the market that needs your branding, it might be to get the next employee)

Today I mostly work within projects for marketing and branding, using the motto “marketing with all senses” and trying to use the broad set of skills that I have put together during the years.

For now, this site is my resume and “look-book” and will be continuously developed in order to support my projects and customers.





You will never deliver a great result on your own – work with partners and strive together. Here you have some of my best…

“According to the European Commission, small enterprises represent 99% of all businesses in Europe. Formifys goal is to help those companies. Aiming to be the most flexible e-signing service for small businesses within the EU. Transperent pricing model – it should be as easy to buy a contract for signing as it is to do online shopping” My role is as an Avisor to management. If interested in partnering up in this company contact me with the form below.

Tommy Anzelius, Advisor & Co-Founder

“We’re an experienced sales acceleration platform that combines data-driven analysis, talent-driven creativity with user-created content. We are a trusted and dependable partner for small and big brands that want to succeed in a changing market. Unilever, FERRERO & Orkla, to mention some of the projects we have on together with Anzelius.”

David Nordin, CEO & Founder

“Bishop Media, masters in web development with offices in Växjö and Norrköping. Since 2002 we have developed over 300 sites and is a smal but technically advanced as well as a perfect support in digital design & UI.
– Myself i have worked with Anzelius since befor 1990, a true partner”

Wiktor Söderström, CEO & Founder



Sorry – this is no hi-tech solution, but for now I would like you to send over just a few words to start the conversation. If you like, you could always use the message function in LinkedIn (click the icon from bottom right). Or, contact me by phone at +46 (0)761-36 64 14