Marketing and communication are at it´s best when all the channels plays the same tune. Then there is a good chance to reach awareness.

I have my professional roots in the Swedish market for technical information – with projects for the defense industry (Bofors, FMV, Hägglunds), but also for the bank sector, Hasselblad and SOS-Alarm (not described here). Moving from the information sector to sales and marketing during the 90:s, but having some things clear in mind:

  • The benefit of making communication work (not only be good looking)
  • The importance of have all market channels ”playing the same tune”
  • Content is King (or in some cases, your service is)
  • Your brand needs to bee true to the company, inside and out (It´s not always the market that needs your branding, it might be to get the next employe)

Today I mostly work within projects for marketing and branding, using the device ”marketing with all senses” and trying to use the broad set of skills that i have put together during the years.

This site is for now my resume and ”look-book” and will be continuously developed in order to support my projects and customers.


RECENT PROJECTS. [Swedish text]



You will never deliver a great result on your own – work with partners and strive together. Here you have some of my best…

“We’re an experienced sales acceleration platform that combines data-driven analysis, talent-driven creativity with user-created content. We are a trusted and dependable partner for small and big brands that want to succeed in a changing market. Unilever, FERRERO & Orkla, to mention some of the projects we have together with Anzelius.”

David Nordin, CEO & Founder

“The most enhanced Digital Personal Handbook on the Swedish market, also on supersmart mobile app for handling tools & machinery in e.g construction company – saving a lot of hassel and money. Both could be a vital step in you digitalization journey.”

Rickard Ljungdahl, CEO & Founder

“Great experience of sales- and business management and sales development in the Nordic market. Also CEO experience from several SMBs, both strategic and hands on. Best payoff ever: Make Wisions Work!”

Mats Österman, CEO & Founder

Work Skills.


Not so easy to describe, experience tends to mix as time goes by. But, with several missions in Nordic companies, developing market and brands in small companies, this is my professional profile:

My best – how to make a usefull ”look and feel” of you product or service – adapted to the Nordic market. Most of my work is B2B and some is B2C – mainly SMB, this today makes the marketing more and more digital and requires a similar setup.


This is for me the production part – web design, folders and other prints for sure, this is the part where we make your product or service reach the right mind!

03. SALES.

During the last couple of years I have worked  mainly in sales related projects. This together with my long experience of KAM could possibly be of use even for you. Try  me!



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