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Facts & Figures
Facts & Figures2014 - 2020
Type of mission: Sales support, brand design & development, marketing production (web, print), design/brand guidelines.

Group mission.

A company group with several different operations, but with a common approach and basic values. A need to merge into a clear business began with a common design language and design. The work also included name creation as well as some IP and domain name management, to ensure progress.

After a simple basic analysis of the various businesses, we created a portfolio of brands / business areas with a cohesive identity. A group-wide platform for all graphic communication was developed, which formed the basis for further work on digital communication.

Four different sites for four different target groups …

We created a basis for technical functions that could facilitate their everyday life, such as booking functions, contact forms, etc. This includes a technical platform / CMS for updates and continuous improvements, as well as important pieces for statistics collection and traffic analysis. Photography, printed materials and a basic setup of media channels (Facebook, etc).

Design of different kinds of print was also made during the initial process, as you see on the pictures below.


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