Facts & Figures
Facts & Figures1989 - 2004
Type of mission: Sales support, brand design & development, Event management, marketing production (web, print), profile clothing, design/brand guidelines, product development. Name process and IP-rights management

Management team: 3 people
External Production: YP – Yrkes & profilkläder / Pronto Tryckeri /

Results: Company sold 4 years after launching the Sensia brand

With the right sense.

A fantastic journey – with a fantastic customer and good friend. The first assignment was to create a 4-page A5 folder with three incoming partners for Kusthälsan. These three became the Kusthälsan Group with a profiling mission as a result. A new profile, which was based on a “coast feeling”, blue sea and boats was presented at a fantastic kickoff in the Swedish mountains for all the staff. We presented our thoughts and participated in the workshops that followed.

The group grew and, in order to further strengthen its brand (which was now not only found along the coast), a major name project and identity mission were also started (implemented by the undersigned for Jerhammar & co). In addition to a complete and new design guide, the assignment created a custom font, a selected series of furniture and signboards for all offices, waiting rooms, etc. (with furniture to strengthen and clarify the profile), printed materials, web and several campaigns to attract staff / advertising, etc. Sensia saw the light of day!

Solid growth, clear leadership and commitment created a fantastic journey, where the company, consisting in more than 30 units in southern and central Sweden, was bought by a player who, despite a triple size, chose to use Sensia’s brand and identity. A clear confirmation that what we did was right and strong.

The rest is, as you say, history … and the founder and I have been very good friends ever since!


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